Mudroom Reveal – Where Form Meets Function

IT’S MUDROOM REVEAL DAY!! Let’s just skip the forced introductory paragraph and get right to the good stuff. Here she is!

I don’t think I could love it more. It’s so satisfying to have a blank space and a vision, and then watch that vision actually come to life!

So back in January Adam and I came up with our design, which somehow (despite the number of lockers) looks nearly identical to the finished product.

So here is what I’m using as the official “before” picture. It was just a plain drywall box with absolutely nothing in it, which is how the entire house looked when the builder handed it over to us.

The first step was to add shiplap and trim

Next came the white paint

And then it was time for the most highly anticipated part, the brick floor. I’ve been lusting over brick floors for a few years, so the fact that we actually installed them and they turned out amazing was pretty dang exciting

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