Modern Fireplace Inspiration and Tile Selection

While that white brick fireplace was the inspiration for the footprint of the fireplace, it’s not the inspiration for the design. I want something more modern and more colorful.

I decided the best way to do that was to cover the whole dang thing in tile, and make it one of those elements that you can’t ignore and will forever have to decorate around.

Every room needs a focal point, and this fireplace was going to be just that for all three of the main spaces.

Mid Century Modern Fireplace Inspiration


First step – scour the internet for inspiration photos of original mid century fireplaces. I know mine isn’t one of those and that isn’t really the goal, but I wanted to give it a nod to MCM at least.

What I found is that most of them are made of brick or stone (not doing that) and emphasize horizontal lines (that I can do).

Example number one – Like this one a lot, except for the black. And the tiles are laid horizontally, which I like, but they are staggered (like bricks) rather than stacked.

Modern Tiled Fireplaces

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