Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Reveal

It’s kitchen reveal day! I’m super excited to show you this space and dig into the details.

If you like to design/renovate/decorate spaces like I do, then you know that that last little bit is always the hardest to push through.

Is the kitchen perfect? Not at all. But is it finished? Yes! I’m pretty thrilled with the way it turned out. It’s mid-century style without being trapped in that box.

A Modern Retro Kitchen


This entire house is one I designed from scratch after my divorce. It’s 1750 sq ft, and the kitchen is…well, it’s the kind of kitchen you would expect to find in a house that size.

Planning the house/kitchen

I basically just redesigned my childhood kitchen. Same layout and size, more modern finishes. I just texted my mom to see if she has a good picture I can share.

Here are the sketches I drew of the kitchen design. The final product turned out pretty similar to this initial design, but it’s not exact.

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