Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hardware

 This stunner of a kitchen features simple black wire pulls. These are super cheap (always a bonus), and don’t distract from all the awesomeness going on around them, and still give a retro nod.

Wooden cape pulls look seamless on these beautiful wooden cabinets. This kitchen would look very different with blinging cabinet jewelry, and I’m not about it. This was the perfect choice.

All the examples above have the same hardware throughout the kitchen, but you can also mix and match styles to create a custom look.

Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hardware Styles


Dish knobs are a mid-century classic. They got their name from the shape of the knob, which looks like a dish. Dish hardware is simple, timeless, and comes in many different finishes.

Peg hardware is an understated choice that can go with many design styles. It is also great for mixing and matching with a different style drawer pull or handle.

A Boomerang handle is known for its pointed shape (also called a chevron handle) and is a clearly mid-century choice. For this reason, it is harder to find than other cabinet hardware shapes.

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