Installing Butcher Block Countertops

Are you looking for warmth and timeless design? Maybe something you can DIY? Look no further than butcher block countertops.

What is butcher block?

The easy answer is that it is a countertop made out of wood. The complicated answer is that butcher block is a type of wood construction consisting of solid wood strips tightly bonded together to form a thick, sturdy slab.

The final look of the countertop will vary greatly depending on the type of wood that you choose. While you can stain your wood countertop to get your desired color, I personally wouldn’t.

Installing Butcher Block Countertops


The first step is to remove the sink. I can’t give you any more details than that. Just make it happen.

Next you will need to remove the old countertops. Your old countertops could be installed in a multitude of ways, so climb underneath and see what you’re working with. For me this part was crazy easy, I literally just had to remove a few screws and they lifted right off.

The more difficult and more professional way to do it is to cut both wood slabs at a 45-degree angle and join them in the corner. This is what we did. And by we I mean my husband and his brothers.

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