How to Raise Your Kitchen Cabinets to the Ceiling

Let’s talk about that space above your kitchen cabinets for a second. You know, that useless space that does nothing but collect dust and cause design dilemmas.

How much better does that look!?

Here’s more good news. You don’t need to be taking on an entire kitchen remodel to raise your cabinets, and you don’t need to be an expert DIYer to make it happen.

So, let’s dive into the tutorial! Also, I apologize in advance for the pictures being completely random…I had to combine old pics from both the kitchen and laundry room to make one thorough tutorial.



I know this sounds scary (like you are ripping your house apart), but to remove a cabinet, you literally just have to unscrew some screws.

Step One – Remove your cabinets

Make sure you have at least two (or more) people for this. One person will unscrew the screws, and another person (or people) will be holding them up, so they don’t come crashing off the wall.

After the cabinets are down, then you get to put them back up, only higher.

Step two – Raise the cabinets and screw them back into the wall

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