How to Make Book Slings

When it comes to kids’ book storage, I really don’t think you can beat book slings. They are a simple DIY that is space efficient, budget-friendly, hold a ton of books, and are easy to personalize.

I made this new set all the same size rather than three different sizes. I liked the variation, but honestly, no one ever put the books back in the appropriately sized book sling (myself included).

How to Make a Sling Bookcase


Choose your fabric You will need approximately 1 1/3 yards per book sling. I choose this bandana fabric for my boys’ slowly progressing cowboy room.

Wash your fabric Before you start making book slings, you will need to wash and dry your fabric. I know, I hate this step too…but do it anyway.

Cut to size I cut my fabric into 42 x 40-inch rectangles. You can make them 42 inches x whatever length works for you, 40 inches is just what happened to fit between the two doors in my boy’s room.

Sew The first step to sewing your book slings is to fold your fabric in half, patterned sides together (so mine was 21 X 40 inches), and sew everything together except half of a short side.

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