Everything I’ve Learned About Painting Shiplap

Anyway, progress is still happening around here despite my blog neglect, and the shiplap in the laundry and mudroom is painted and officially checked off the list. So here it is! before.


I love it, it’s so fresh and clean and just a great starting point for the rest of the makeover.

Anyway, instead of just showing you pictures I thought I’d share some tips for painting shiplap.

Tips for Painting Shiplap


This step varies in importance depending on which kind of shiplap you are installing. If you are doing the faux planks (like we did here) then you will see the wall between every board, and painting it beforehand is so much easier then painting it afterward.

Paint the wall the color you plan to paint the shiplap.

Installing the planks will leave you with a ton of nail holes, plus there will be cracks in the corners, along the ceiling, and a variety of other places.

Patch the holes and caulk the cracks

Often when you use a patch you can see it after you paint, the sheen is never quite right and it just looks like a patch. This one includes a primer though, and it works amazing.

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