DIY Reclaimed Wood Ceiling (so cheap, so pretty)

I don’t think I’ve been THIS excited about showing y’all a project in a long time. The reclaimed wood ceiling in our kitchen and dining room is finished and it is just SO GOOD.

It’s cozy and warm and I just love it. The house feels so much less like an unfinished white box and more like the home I have always pictured in my head. Also, the whole thing only cost $322.

A wood ceiling in the kitchen and dining room was on the “must have” list from the second Adam and I started sketching out floorplans for this house. We’ve been casually looking for 500 sq ft or reclaimed barn wood for a very long time, but have come up emptyhanded.

These are just cheap fence pickets and not exactly top quality wood, so there are knots and the boards aren’t perfectly square (just like actual reclaimed wood). Here is a closeup of the biggest knot in the ceiling to show you what the paper looks like underneath.

The paper is pretty thick and you *should* attach it all to the ceiling with a stapler before adding wood on top. We personally own two staplers….neither of which we could find when we needed them.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what else to say about the project…we cut boards, used the nail gun to attach them to the ceiling, and got a ton of sawdust in our eyes. There are a lot of canned lights, pendant lights, and vents in this area, and Adam spent quite a few days on all the detail work.

Oh, also! I finally bought a light for over the dining room table. It wasn’t what I originally planned on getting at all, but when I saw it and all its green glass goodness I quickly changed my tune.

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