DIY Faux Stone Wall (aka the best thing ever)

I’m not even going to mess around with a proper intro paragraph in this post, let’s just get to the good stuff.  Behold… Before –

Since deciding to re-do the guest room I knew I wanted something interesting on the wall behind the bed. I didn’t want it to be colorful or bold, but rather very neutral. What I was after was TEXTURE.

Big, beautiful, neutral texture. So my brain started going through all the things that I fit into that category…. Wood plank wall?

DIY Faux Stone Wall 


I got to googling to see where I could buy some. I wasn’t having much luck, but somewhere in my internet wanderings I came across a product called AirStone. It was similar to the brick idea and basically the same shape, but it was meant to look like stone.

I started by ripping off the baseboard…I thought about leaving it, but ultimately decided that the wall would look more authentic without it. The first row took forever since I had to use the level and cardboard shims to make it even, but after that it was pretty straightforward.

Overall this was a very easy process and anyone can do it. That being said, it was a bit tedious. At one point I started having flashbacks to stenciling my master bathroom.

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