DIY Epoxy Floor Coating – A Step by Step Tutorial

I know everyone is in holiday mode right now, but I’m here today to give you some (much needed?) relief from everything Christmas. Not that Christmas isn’t amazing and all…but so an epoxy floor coating, right?

To be completely honest, at first I didn’t really “get” this project. My husband has said that he wanted an epoxy floor coating in our garage ever since we started designing our house, and I really didn’t understand what the purpose was.

- RustOleum Rocksolid Kit - two gallon watering can  - gloves - hose, or pressure washer is better - paintbrushes

Materials Needed

The Process – How to Apply an Epoxy Floor Coating


This seems simple enough, but let me tell you….we had a whole lot of random crap in our garage that we have been avoiding since we moved in.

Step One – Empty the Garage

The key to being successful with this project is nailing the prep work. The surface HAS to be clean or the epoxy won’t properly adhere.

Step Two – Clean the Floor, and Clean it Well

The acid etch is part of the main kit, along with the two-part polycuramine (epoxy) and the paint flakes.

Step Three – The Acid Etch

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