DIY Electric Fireplace

Adam and I found a way to add a fireplace and not break the bank though, and now this exists in our bedroom

We always planned on putting a gas fireplace in the bedroom, we even stubbed out a gas line there when we built the house. A gas fireplace is pretty expensive though, and we planned to wait a few more years before biting the bullet.

So I started making some calls and getting quotes…and was quickly reminded why we had decided to wait. That crap is expensive. It looked like we were going to have to hold out on making this plan a reality.

DIY Electric Fireplace


Adam built the fireplace in sections and it is completely freestanding, so it can be moved at any time. He assembled the frame out of 2 x 4’s, wrapped it in OSB and shiplap, and then added a few screws into some studs so it doesn’t fall on anybody.

After Adam finished the surround, we moved it inside and attempted to find the perfect mantel in our scrap wood pile.

We had this beam leftover from building the house, but it was too thick and too shallow.So we tried a leftover piece of pecan, which was way too thin.

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