DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod & Back Tab Curtains

Bay windows, though beautiful, can be a problem when it comes to adding window treatments. But I found a way to my windows go from the bare before to the much better after for only $100 (including the curtains!).


- Electrical conduit (one for each window in your bay) - Curtain rod brackets (one set per window) - Plastic tubing (the same size as the conduit) - Hacksaw

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod & Back Tab Curtains


The first step was to measure and cut all the conduit. I measured my windows from wall to wall and took off about 3.5 inches to leave room for the joints (not all of mine were the same length).

Next I hung the brackets and put the conduit in place, then I stuffed some plastic tubing in the joints to connect the rods. This will give you one continuous rod and assure that the curtains won’t fall between the cracks.

Next step…make the curtains. After a few rejects, I ended up choosing a grey/blue chevron pattern I bought off of I bought 15 yards and had juuuuust enough. I had to make back-tab curtains to that I could lace them around the hardware and have a clean finished look.

Here they are finished, I made eight for each curtain for a total of 40.

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