Choosing Interior Paint Colors

I don’t think anyone here would disagree with me if I said choosing paint colors is HARD. There are just so many options, and they usually look very different on the wall than they do on a little paint chip.

Having my three categories in mind, I set out to choose my samples. (I know, it’s a lot…a majority of them are leftover from choosing the exterior paint color.)

The vertical lines are the wall color samples I’m choosing from, and the horizontal ones are the colors I already have going in the house.

From left to right – Agreeable Gray (too pink), Aloof Gray (pretty), Crushed Ice (pretty but a bit too purple), Lattice (too purple), Oyster White (pretty), Sculptor Clay (love it in my guest room, not so much here).

Sculptor Clay 50% strength (not bad), Shoji White (pretty), Useful Gray (too gray), Wool Skein (too brown), Zurich White (not bad). I narrowed it down to four choices in my head and then called over the husband to give me his take.

After grimacing at my cabinet color choice (I can’t wait for the apology when he loves the end result), he picked Oyster White and Shoji White, both of which were in my top four.

Hold on though, we’re not finished. We still have one more color to choose from, the color for the master bedroom and bathroom. This is the only room in the house getting color (for now), and I wanted a darker green or blue.

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