Choosing a Rock (is making me crazy)

Adam and I have spent quite a bit of time looking at rock. We take pictures of things we see while we’re out and about, and collect photos online. We both like a lighter, rustic, fairly monotone look, and want rock that looks like it’s been there for a hundred years.

So after visiting a couple of stone suppliers we had three samples delivered. Adam and I stood there looking at them, and I started to second guess everything.

I had three kinds of rock. The rattlesnake chop was too pink. Gone. The Sisterdale top rock was a bit yellow, but I’ve seen it in real life and it looks really good. The cream might look washed out, but it might not.

After it was up I went to go check it out, and my first thought was one of relief…they both looked great and not washed out at all. We really could’t go wrong with either.

But we still had to choose. Adam and I stared at them for a long time, comparing them to the other things on the exterior… siding, barn wood, cedar poles, and window trim color.

I stared in the sunshine and in the shade. I polled family, friends and Instagram (which was a 50% split). I stared at it for days. I looked at rock on houses in real life and houses on Houzz.

I went back and forth, and finally decided to go with the bottom sample but pull out the random orange ones. I liked the way the bottom looked more rustic, but the orange ones scared me…I don’t want a polka-dotted house.

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