Breezeway Reveal – Our Quarantine Project

There are a lot of things I love about our house, but one of the biggest design successes is our breezeway. The breezeway is priceless…we hang out on it constantly

These pictures were taken a few years ago, right before we started our monthly potlucks. This is not what it looks like all the time… not even close. The only thing that has actually been on the breezeway for the last few years is that picnic table and a few plants in varying stages of death.

We had quite a few touch-ups to do, but the most obvious was the concrete floor. I had always liked the look of the naked concrete, but it didn’t last long before it was stained beyond repair.

We were building our current house when he built this table, and I knew it was destined for the breezeway. I even found proof when looking back on the post about building the table…

It looked great in here, but it really wasn’t the best fit for our banquet.We moved it outside anyway, are embracing the giant hole in our house (“so much room for activities!”), and are loving eating outside.

In the outdoor furniture world, in particular, that’s a rarity as most outdoor furniture is usually priced as high end or garage sale chic. Article leads in filling that middle spot very nicely. As I was perusing their new outdoor collection I saw this addition.

Look at that detail! It is made from solid Acacia wood, has built-in shelves, and gray rope that supports the weather-resistant cushions. It’s so dang handsome.

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