7 Mid-Century Modern Kitchens That Inspired My Own

Kitchens are fun to design, but also a little scary. Designing a kitchen isn’t like designing a bedroom, where you basically take a box and add things, and you can easily change those things later if you decide you hate them.

You have to choose wisely, adding elements that you love, but also keeping in mind that you need to love them forever. So that super colorful bird tile that pulls all the colors you love and will be a bold statement in your kitchen? Maybe think twice.

Today we are going to look at a handful of kitchens that inspired me when designing my own. Also, I could have had 100 on this list, because there are so many absolutely stunning and unique kitchens out there.



Kitchen number one is by Brave New Eco, which is an Australian design company. They do crazy beautiful work, and three of my seven kitchens are theirs.

Just look at the personality and attention to detail. This is a beautiful, well-designed, one-of-a-kind kitchen and at the top of my list.

Next up, we have this kitchen by Murray Barker (Sailor’s Hill House), which looks like the first two kitchens fell in love and created this beautiful little bundle of joy.

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