10 Ways to Decorate Above your Bed

Lately I’ve been spending time mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and Houzz (what else can you really do when breastfeeding at 3 a.m.?), gathering ideas for something to hang above the bed in our master bedroom.

There are lots of great options out there, so I thought I’d put together a post showcasing a few of them.

10 Ways to Decorate Above your Bed


1. Art  This one is pretty obvious, and there are so many different ways to display it above your bed. You can do anything from a single big piece to an entire gallery wall.

2. Mirrors Another super common solution with a ton of different options.

3. Plates I like the plate idea not only because you can personalize the look so much, but because you could do it so cheaply.

4. Textiles Hang a blanket, rug, or fabric behind the headboard.

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